Sunday, June 24, 2012

Goodbye Sunshine

Current Mood: melancholic
Current Colour: red
Current Music: Heaven by Nu Flavour, Close To Heaven by Color Me Badd
Current Annoyance: Why do I miss you?
Current Physical Ailment: Insomnia

 Funny how I haven't written in this blog for years and suddenly I decide to write in here about an old flame... *sigh* Just like the old times...

I supposed I might as well dedicate this whole blog to 'him', eh? LOL.

 Hmmm.. Close To Heaven just came on iTunes. Thing song will always remind me of 'him'. How long has it been? 7 years?

 Crushes come and go. Time to move on. Well I did, and ended up with a rebound. Pathetic of me. hahaha... This I supposed, will be the last blog about 'him' in here.

 So, Mr Sunshine. For the last time... Thanks for the memories.

S. (I wonder if you remember what you used to call me...)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

UPDATE: Skin change

Current Mood: Temperamental
Current Colour: colourful
Current Music: Freaky G by KRU
Current Annoyance: Job search
Current Obsession: NKOTB, Twitter, CSI:Miami
Current Physical Ailment: FLU! Damn haze!

Ok, this is my temporary blogskin. The candies look very cute! LOL...

Will work on a new NKOTB skin when I find time. And will try to start blogging more often... again.


So apparently my links all don't work. UGH! Will try to work it out ASAP when I can.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Current Mood: mixed emotions... mood's been a rollercoaster since Thursday
Current Colour: Black
Current Music: Single (NKOTB fr Ne-Yo)
Current Annoyance: I would like to kick a gossip monger to the the center of the sun
Current Obsession: NKOTB, duh!
Current Physical Ailment: headache.... maybe been thudding too much?

This is what that I am waiting for!! Yaaay!! These men have been my distraction for the past 4 coming to 5 months!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Current Mood: Excited
Current Colour: Pink
Current Music: Click Click Click
Current Annoyance: I don't live in LA
Current Obsession: NKOTB, Jonathan Knight. (LOL)
Current Physical Ailment: Jet Lagged. LOL

OMG I can't wait for the new album! I have order two CDs and one Deluxe Edition CD. LMAO... Anyway, I'll leave something that I have been doing for the past 1 month...

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Yo! I noticed I have been abandoning my blog for I don't know... a month? LOL... Anyway, I was busy with 1001 stuffs... LOL..

Would try to work on the blogskin soon! And remove the audio loop. LOL...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Grrr... no time to edit the blog skin yet... but i'm put it back up coz I love it and miss it. lol... Oh yeah, gonna change some of the pics around.

Bear with me. :)